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10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business

Building and sustaining a private practice is an ongoing process. Being in private practice means you are a business owner. Sometimes there seem to be blocks to building your ideal practice. Often therapists and coaches don’t realize how much more there is to the business of private practice than seeing clients. When you first start out you set up your business, secure your professional space and start marketing your services to build your client base. Once you begin to have new client referrals and your calendar begins filling there will be a lot of ways a virtual assistant (VA) can support your business. We have learned over the years of helping therapists and coaches build and sustain successful practices that it is often challenging

to know how exactly to utilize a VA.

Here are 10 ways a Virtual Assistant Can Support Your Business:

  1. Inbox Management. You may easily find that your email inbox is overflowing which can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. You may be missing some important messages as a result. Your VA can help you to get unsubscribed from an unwanted mailing list and organize your incoming email so you can better find what you need in your email system.

  2. Email Automation. When people contact you through your website or purchase a course or product having an automated email response set up to confirm their contact form or order has been received can make a huge difference in the success of your business giving you time to respond personally later. A VA knows how to help you get set up with customized email automation.

  3. Blog Management. You may have a rough draft for your blog but don’t have time to get it polished and published. You can hire a VA to help you create attractive, edited, well-organized blog articles so you have fresh and useful content available on your website.

  4. Social Media Marketing. There are many ways a VA can support your use of social media for networking and marketing your services. Your VA can create visual images branded with your business name and site reference and can schedule posts on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

  5. Data Entry and Management. You may need a VA to keep up with registrations coming in for your upcoming event or maybe you are tracking referral sources so you know which of your marketing efforts are most successful. A VA can set up and track all this data in an easy-to-read spreadsheet and when you need that information it will be readily available.

  6. Travel and Trip Itineraries. As you grow your business, you may need or want to travel in order to attend training events, conferences or lead training for other professionals. A VA can schedule and manage all the details for your travel making sure you are well prepared.

  7. Publication Proofing & Editing. When you have worked in the field long enough you may be invited to write a chapter for a book or maybe you decide to publish your own book. A VA can be invaluable support in the process of proofing and editing your manuscript.

  8. Course Creation & Management. Providing online learning opportunities as a product offering on your website requires a lot of behind-the-scenes effort ongoing. Your VA will be able to support the process of getting your courses up and running and manage any glitches along the way.

  9. Newsletter Creation. One of the ways you may want to stay in touch with your network of community connections is to have a newsletter that goes out on a regular basis. A VA can help you to create the format, set up the automation process and manage the regular publication of your newsletter.

  10. Project Management. There are myriad ways a Virtual Assistant can help your business and there will be too many small and large projects along the way. You can hand off the management of project details and organization to your VA and free yourself to attend to other aspects of your practice you most enjoy.

We founded Adminities having experienced first-hand all the ways therapists and coaches can benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you secure your own VA to help and support the success of your business.

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